Sailing for Individuals There are several sailing options for the Individual Visitor

Join other individuals

Generally at least once a day - we have a cruise composed of several individuals from several nations. The cruise lasts 45 minutes - and begins and leaves from the same port - allowing self-drive individuals to embark and disembark from the same point.

This cruise provides you the opportunity to mingle with people from several nations. Please contact us a day before the cruise date so we can offer you this opportunity if possible



Join a Group

In the event that you are a small number of people, we can try and join you to a Group Cruise which is led by a tour operator. We require approval from the tour leader - so please contact us a day before the required cruise - and we shall do everything in our power to assist you.


Charter a Private Boat

A private boat ,sailed by our crew,  may be chartered for several purposes such as:

  •   Intimate leisure boat trips
  •   Special Occasion boat trips for Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, Birthdays or any celebration
  •   Office parties and Team Building
  •   Sunrise, Sunset, Moonlight cruises

Upon request the following can be arranged:

  •   Music with DJ/and or Drums
  •   Israeli Folk Dancing 
  •   Meals, light snacks, drinks
  •   Barbecue on the shore
  •   Visit to the Ancient Boat Museum at Yigal Allon Center

We are here to serve you and will assist in any special request that you may have to ensure you enjoy your stay and feel part of this wonderful piece of history. 

Group Sailing

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Our Boats

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